Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jessica Warman Interview

1  1.     How did you get the idea for WHERE THE TRUTH LIES?

I had come up with the character of Del Sugar a few years earlier and knew that I wanted to write a book about him.  Most of the stories I’d written about Del dealt with him as an adult, so I thought it would be fun to explore what he was like as a teenager.  Once I had that character in place, the rest of the book was easy to write.

2.     Can you relate to any of the characters?

Yes, I can relate to most of them!  I went to boarding school myself and drew quite a bit from my memories throughout those years when I wrote “Where the Truth Lies.”

3.     Publishing is hard. How was your experience, easy or hard?

It was a combination of both.  Getting that first novel published was a long, difficult journey.  It took about ten years from the time I wrote the first draft of my first novel until it was finally published.  Now that I’ve become a little more established and have more contacts in the industry (and an amazing publishing house!), things have gotten quite a bit easier. 

4.     When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I never wanted to be anything else.  I can remember being five and six years old and writing stories on my dad’s legal pads.  I don’t think I ever seriously considered another profession, so I’m very relieved it’s all working out!

5.     What other books are you writing now?

I have a book coming out on August 2nd, called “BETWEEN,”  that I’m incredibly excited about.  You can read more about it on my website at  And right now I’m finishing up my fourth novel, which is a thriller about identical twins with a unique bond.  It’s scheduled for release in 2012. 

6. Can you tell us three things about yourself that no one may know?

                1. I absolutely love ice cream, and I eat it almost every day.

                2. I’ve never been camping, fishing, or tailgating.  This seems to amaze people for some reason. 

                3. I once took on a bet in college that I could survive on nothing but Doritos and water for two weeks.  I lasted three days and I felt physically TERRIBLE.  I think my body is still angry at me for that one!

Thanks for the great interview, Jessica!

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