Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Show Love Not Hate

As we all know, bullying affects the lives of many students in middle school and high school. I too was bullied in middle school and right now in high school, I'm being bullied. It's hurts so much that all I do is cry myself to sleep everynight. But I thought to myself one day that in one more year, I'm going to graduate high school and never see the bullies again. I graduated middle school and escaped them.

I know there are others who are being bullied far worse than I am. The bullies in high school were my best friends. One day out of the blue they stopped talking to me. I was lost and scared. I kept on thinking to myself "what did I do to make them hate me so much?" The answer was nothing. They were simply jealous of me. I was making new friendships, but still sat with them during lunch and talked to them. Everything I did was wrong for them.

Everyday at lunch they would look at me sitting at another table and the whispers and talking about would begin. I became so scared that I ran away from lunch and ever since, I haven't gone to the cafeteria to eat. I'm scared. Plian and simple. But I began Show Love Not Hate to raise awareness for bullying. No one has the right to put you down. During the Month of May different authors will be sharing their stories of being bullied. I also will be posting up "Show Love when..." quotes that I'll be making myself. Anyone who wants to add one can so in the comments section.

I want to let every bullied victim out there know that it does get better. It's getting a little better for me right now. The bullies haven't completly stopped, but I guess they are getting bored. But always remeber to show love not hate.

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