Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eleni (La Femme Readers) Story

In high school I was fortunate enough to not experience bullying first hand. But, that doesn't mean I didn't see it going on around me. I remember this guy, Ian, we actually went to the same elementary school and high school together. I'd see kids everyday calling him names and pushing him around. I remember they used to make fun of his braces and wardrobe. I used to always say hi to him, just because I wanted to be the "nice" one. However, looking back I stood in the sidelines when they would bully him. Back then, I should have stood up for him. Yes, I might have received ridicule from the bullies, but so what. He deserved that respect, and unfortunately I was too immature to realize that at the time. Bullies are horrible people, but the individuals standing in the sidelines are just as bad too. So, I urge whoever is reading this, lend a helping hand when you see one of your classmates being bullied. That one time of ignorance, could cost the life of a student put into a bad and unsafe situation.

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