Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Okay, so I do try to make resolutions every year, but I never really keep up with them. But this year, I am making it a big promise to myself to stick with them.

1. Blog more. I try blogging every day, but on some days, I guess I just forget. Also, since now I'll be going back to school since break is ending, I'm realizing I might not have the time to blog. But that won't stop me. I love blogging. It's my little escape from all the stresses of life, so I will be blogging everyday and if I don't one day, it's either my computer exploded, or I'm bleeding a lot.

2. Read more. Reading is also something I love to do. It too helps me escape reality an I jut can't live without a book. In 2011, I have to read more books. I don't think I read much this year. I don't even think I'm close to 100. I'm a blogger and my job is to read and review books and here I am not reading as much as I should.

3. Be a better friend. Okay I'll admit I'm not a very good friend. I get annoyed by my friends sometimes. I walk away when they drive me off the wall and I don't even call them to say hi since I'm so busy. They're great friends and I have to be a lot nicer to them, even call them more.

So these are my goals this year. It's not a lot because I know if I make a list of 50 things, I will probably only get one done. I think three is enough this year. I hope to actually accomplish these goals by the end of 2011.

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