Monday, November 14, 2011

The Daughters Join the Party by Joanna Philbin

Publisher: Poppy
Age Group: YA
Rating: 5/5
Source: Publisher

They didn't ask for fame. They were born with it.

In the third Daughters novel, The Daughters Take the Stage, Hudson found her own place in "the family business," aka: show business. Now, for the first time, readers will meet Emma Conway, daughter of a powerful New York State Senator.

Emma has never fit into the sweater-set-wearing world of her political family, opting for purple hair and Chuck Taylors to keep herself out of countless photo ops, but when she accidentally lets her father's presidential plans slip on national television, Emma finds herself thrown into the spotlight. Facing pressure to be the perfect First Daughter-in-training, Emma must learn to speak up for herself and for what she believes in. Thankfully, she has her new friends and fellow daughters - Lizzie, Carina, and Hudson - to help her along the way.
The moment I started reading THE DAUGHTERS JOIN THE PARTY, I immediatly feel in love with it. I found the whole idea of being a senator's daughter was simply fun to read. I thought Emma was a strong willed character and that's what I loved about her. She didn't back down to anything. Even though she did get in trouble a few times, she was supposed to because she was only a child.
But when her father announced he was going to run for president, her life turned upside down. She was now in the spotlight and every move she made was being watched and she had to be perfect like her brother, Remington, only she soon finds out that Remington himself wasn't as perfect as she thought he was.
I never wanted to stop reading this book and who knew Emma, the daughter of a senator, was as normal as us. Joanna Philbin's writing is spectacular and there was never a dull moment in the book. After reading THE DAUGHTERS, I'm excited to see what Joanna comes up with next.
Overall, if you're looking for a break in the paranormal or dystopian, this book is a great read. Read when you're traveling or just want to have a nice relaxing evening. It'll keep you up all night wanting to finish this book and find out more about Emma.

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  1. I've wanted to read this series forever! Seeing this review (and the cover!), I've decided to make this series the next on my TBR list.

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